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quick update on the SD writing process: things are going well. still working on improving the game's writing, story, and the wording of the dialogue. my cousin carrie eres (on lj her username is rebukes or something like that) is going to be helping me with this process.

i know that spending 2-3 months on revising a game's writing (not even just writing, but merely writing the final draft!) is probably almost unheard of for an indie game, but i want my story to be top-notch. not just 'a good story for a game', but something that could hold its own if it were e.g. a sci fi novel instead of a game. i couldn't bear to let people down after immortal defense's story was so well received. having a helper editor means that i don't have to devote myself full time to *just* the writing, it frees some time for other tasks, which i'll resume doing soon

i've also been working on redoing the studioeres, immortaldefense, and saturateddreamers site/host after a VPS donation from an online friend, ryan copley


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Jan. 17th, 2014 05:41 pm (UTC)
Great to hear SD is going well, and that the writing is getting another round of polish! Immortal Defense's story was what drew me in.
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