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Nov. 30th, 2013

- went through 10-20 articles about revising writing, and wrote down useful notes
- re-read one of my how to write books, and wrote down useful notes (about 2-3 pages of notes about revising)
- bought two ebooks on revising (3$ each, all had good recommendations/reviews), and read one of them, marking down useful notes
- one of the major recommendations was to print everything out and read it through, all the way through, making only minimal notes about what to change, but doing no actual changes until it's been fully read. for this purpose, they also recommended you print it out. i asked my writer friends whether this is a good idea, and they concurred
- joined all the individual text files into one file, alphabetically; this took some doing because finding a file joining program that kept the file names in between the files in the joined file took several tries, but eventually i managed to create a single file that i'd want printed
- printed out the entire game's dialogue, 2 pages per sheet, 160 sheets (would have been 320 pages had each gotten its own sheet)

long day, but this is a great start. i plan to read through those 320 pages tomorrow (if possible; it may take more than one day, since that *is* a lot of text to read in a single day, and i don't want to rush through it)