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Sep. 26th, 2013

- i finally realized what was causing the gui bug. i had forgotten that i was drawing to a surface during the draw event rather than during the step event. this led to some weird behavior i haven't observed before; it was no wonder i couldn't figure the bug out, i hadn't ever seen what happens when you change drawing surface targets during a draw event. i had expected it to just not work rather than to work but have weird side effects. anyway, that bug is fixed

i've also decided to change this whole weather part of the particle task and move it to the wishlist task, because it's taking too long. i'll still do the particle part of this weather task, but the whole fullscreen effect drawing for different weathers is really something that's a wishlist item, not a core item. so i'll proceed with the particles task tomorrow. i feel like it'd take another week working on this weather stuff to finish it, and that's not something i feel like doing right now