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Sep. 7th, 2013

- added the purity/fff/friending system that pandara-ra suggested; now friending creatures will make it easier to friend future creatures as well, and at 100% purity all non-mammoth creatures will be friended for free. it uses a non-linear formula so that the increase goes from 80% of the original level to 300% as purity goes up to 100%, with it rising slower at the start, and it reaching 100% friending factor at 20% purity. suggestion complete.
- worked on the lag reports in the game from the playtest list, trying to fix laggy areas and also make the particles not as common in those areas. i'm not sure i can fix the root of the problem (which is a lot of objects onscreen at once, a game maker flaw) but i still have some ideas for optimizations. so i'd say this lag suggestion is partially complete