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Sep. 4th, 2013

- organized pandara-ra's notes into a system compatible with my own. i've organized it into several categories, and arranged the larger tasks from his list in order of how time consuming they'll be (most of them will be relatively quick, i don't think any of his suggestions will take more than a day, and most will take less than 2 hours)
- on the map screen, began the map data idea of pandara (it'll display friended/unfriended creatures in previously visited areas, as well as other data of import), and coded most of it. i still need to add more of the data but the lookup system is done and it's displaying creature data so most of the work on this idea is done.
- finished a pandara-ra request: give creature health regen at highest difficulty (but less than the other two difficulties) and give creature health regen based on time elapsed away from a room, and give creature health a minimum amount of 1/5 max_life upon exiting and re-entering an area (about 1 life point per second while in a different room is now the standard regen rate for time elapsed since last room visit, which is half the speed of the 2 life points per second at hardest difficulty's regen rate)

starting with this, i'm going to use decimals to represent pandara-ra's playtesting feedback suggestions. since i finished one of his suggestions today, the task number is now: