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Aug. 9th, 2013

- tested the reduced water texture system for the demo version of the game, and tested the music and so on; it seems to work okay
- made a new installer for the main game and demo and tested them; they work, and i know how to update the installers with updated file info, (using zip2exe in the bin directory of NSIS) so the demo/installer task is now complete*
- i also made some final polish changes for the map to make the lines white rather than colored in and to have the teleport trees reflect the area's color


not sure which task to do next. unfortunately most of the remaining tasks are fairly time-consuming (at least 3 days each minimum). i could really do any of them right now, but they all need to be done. the most logical one to do next is the playtesting one though, so maybe i'll do that. but the one i most want to do is the research notes task, because that one just involves writing and placing new teleport trees near the center of the map (middle areas), which i think will improve the game the most right now. i'm also still waiting on pandara-ra's finished playtest feedback list -- i should bug him about that.