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Aug. 4th, 2013

- 11 more lilypad cluster area edits for a total of 104; task complete*


not sure what task is up next, will decide tomorrow. this was one of the few week-long tasks remaining so it's good to have it out of the way. the remaining tasks are (in no specific order):

- finish up the particles task
- finish up the sounds task
- finish up the demo/installer task
- finish up the duck blind obstacles task
- the creature helpfulness / clearer friendship state task
- the worldmap image colorings/groupings task
- finish my own pre-playthrough of the game
- get the bug list down to as little as possible (preferably less than 10 or 20 bugs)
- improve the game's introduction (including the introduction shmup mode) task
- go through pandara-ra's playtesting report and fix the issues that are reasonable to fix
- finish the research notes system and combine with the teleport trees, and add more teleport trees into the game, especially near the beginning
- re-read and go through and edit the game dialogue / text and write the second/final draft of the game's dialogue
- the local mammoth escalations task
- finish creature sprite animation task
- finish dialogue background image / illustrations task
- add in multi-room puzzles to friend more local mammoths task, including adding in a new skull-clues object
- the wishlist task (spend a week or so implementing items from the wishlist, the ones that'd have the most impact on the game with the least amount of time spent on them)
- begin beta testing, adjust game to feedback, then release


it's nice that all the remaining tasks for the game can be seen at once like that, it's encouraging