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May. 28th, 2013

- coded in roar system, although i haven't tested it with every mammoth yet to see if the roars are too loud / too soft or whatever*
- wrote first draft of gita ending script; placed script and music in gita room, coded game exit after reading gita script*
- wrote first draft of time limit ending script, coded it, with game exit*
- placed music in the end of the world ending
- started on the hard to find city ending room (to be worked on tomorrow)

completed three tasks in one day! and a good start of a fourth. feels good to get the number lower. an interesting thing is that each task i do represents a larger and larger percent of the number of tasks remaining. so, for example, doing 3 out of 44 tasks represents about 7% of the tasks remaining, whereas doing 3 tasks back when i had 800+ tasks remaining was about a third of a percent

still, i don't like that may is going relatively slowly in terms of tasks per day, so i'll continue to focus on getting as many tasks as possible completed before the end of the month.