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May. 27th, 2013

- finished the dream mode level*
- finished fixing the warning/superbox/exiting stuff, gave it a ease-in effect, and fixed the outro trail and made it look cooler*
- added the hazy effect to the background of textboxes in non-dream mode (it previously was dream-mode only)
- tested out PT Serif as an alternative font for the game (both for small and large text), although it's not yet selectable on the options screen. as far as i can test it works. i still prefer gentium, but it's good to have options. i'm also considering allowing the player to choose *any* font they wish to display the game in (of those installed on their computer) since GM has an import font option, although i'd limit it to a certain size of course for display reasons

anyway, the latter two things above were from the wishlist list (that sounds funny). was fun. now back to the more serious work! i have 3 more days of may to make a dent in the task number: i don't want a month to go by with so few tasks done (even though it was a lot of work). i have a few tasks lined up for this which i can do in the next three days (today's two were the start of reducing the task number).