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Aug. 5th, 2013

decided to work on the map colors task for now, since it should go relatively quickly:

- enabled an image overlap over the worldmap, using some old disabled code
- created a test image with some test colors to test the above about (i'll make the actual color mapping later on)
- also drew that image to the minimap and aligned it correctly to be in the same position for both, which took some trial and error to get a pixel-perfect match

the only issue i can see is that you can see the map colors / layout even before you explored an area. there *may* be a way to fix that using blend modes, but there may not be. i'll have to investigate it or write a script to test out different blend mode options to see if any of the various combinations does the trick. if not, it's not a huge deal, all it'd mean is that the humans would already have some mapping data of large lake areas due to satellite scans or something.