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Mar. 28th, 2013

- started on the dreammode transition effects; got the coding infrastructure, made a gradient for it, and started on the effect, but am struggling with the math (making progress but it's a lot of trial and error to get the effect i want). will *probably* finish this task tomorrow.

i don't really like tasks that take several days, but there are still a few of those left. i can't often predict how long a task will take until i try it, but my guesses usually aren't totally off either. *most* of the remaining tasks will take less than a day, but some may take a week.

i still aim to reach 0 by the end of may. i expected to do the dream mode levels in march but i found other tasks more fun instead, but i'm glad i did those. april will *definitely* be dream mode month though; there are 45 tasks for dream mode remaining (the lion's share of the remaining 68 tasks) and i aim to do all of those tasks in april. after this final march task, i'll do some bug fixing (to reduce the growing list of bugs), and then start on the dream mode tasks on april 1. if all goes well in april i'll only have 22 tasks remaining to do in may.