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Mar. 23rd, 2013

my next task is to make all the gui elements gradually slide, fade, or otherwise morph in and out rather than simply appear and disappear, which gives a slicker feeling to the gui. i had actually already started this task awhile ago (a few months?) but hadn't finished it. i continued it today, and did some more parts of it:
- made the tab map slide in from the left and slide out rather than suddenly vanish
- made the top gui elements (hearts and currently selected leda function) scroll in better than i had previously coded it, but still not satisfied with that aspect of it
- fixed a slight 'bump' in the motion of those top elements after the game was unpaused

there's still a lot of parts to this gui task, since there's a lot involved, but i expect it shouldn't take *too* long (probably another day or two; three days max)