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Mar. 1st, 2013

- created three areas, finishing a set of five*
- created a dream mode level*

february was a bit of a slow month in terms of task number; only 15 tasks done during that month. that's largely because most of them were sets of five areas, which are often multi-day projects. i expect the task number go do down much faster in march, as i'll be finishing off the last of the sets of five areas early in the month, and proceeding to the dream mode level tasks, which are one task per area (and those don't take that much longer to make than normal areas, although they do take a little longer since they are relatively larger and require more testing; still less than 5 exploration areas a day though, so 2-tasks or more per day should be pretty common this month).

lines of code currently in the game: 60225
lines of code last month: 59827