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Nov. 30th, 2012

- in SD, same work as usual, but i got pretty far in it -- i now have basically calls to the sphere surface with replacements. i haven't yet created alternatives for the worldmap or minimap however; those will be harder to do without surfaces. but that's the next part of the task.
- in ID, i got all the bosses working except for gutei, i got the danmaku point working, i got the 'shield' object working, and i got many of the latter weather particles working. podunkian's still plugging away at the sound system, creating a new system that will use objects for each sound emitter (which is necessary due to replacing supersound with gmstudio's new audio engine). i think tomorrow i'll simply play through the entire game (especially the latter campaigns, since the first few campaigns are already tested and working fine) and whenever the game crashes due to an unitalized variable, fix that crash, all the way to the ending. that seems like the quickest way to get everything in the game working correctly.