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Nov. 24th, 2012

- for SD, i continued working on the option to turn surfaces off, focusing on the textbox bg surface effect (just turned it off if surfaces are off since it's not that important), and on the functions draw_circle_color2 and draw_circle2, which were basically faster alternatives to GM's functions of the same names (without the 2's) which employed surfaces -- i told those to use the slower GM versions if surfaces are off. there's still a lot more to do for this task however.
- for ID, i continued porting the game to GMStudio, and got the title screen, SD preview, much of the stage select screen, and the manual screens working in studio (although sound/music is not yet working). tomorrow i'll continue getting more of the game working in studio. it's mostly a matter of initializing uninitialized variables, which is a slow and gradual process but not particularly creatively challenging. i also started making plans for what will be in the v1.2 update to ID -- my main thoughts are: 720p widescreen mode, switching to 60 fps instead of 30 fps, making circuit points a bit weaker, improving the game's speed, porting it to mac (and possibly iphone and android if i can find the funds to do that), as well as a small wishlist of features that i wanted to add to ID for a while (such as improving the look of the stage select screen, and adding "ending stats", a fast forward toggle button, and so on)