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Nov. 20th, 2012

- fixed one more major bug related to going to title and then reloading a game, having to do with drawing. i had to do it in a roundabout way using a little known GM method of refreshing the screen during the non-drawing part. this has the side effect of fixing a bug in the normal game (where the save slot screen would linger as the game is being loaded; now it clears itself so that the half-second (or so) load time when going from the save slot screen to the game doesn't show saveslot screen embedded on top of the room screen)
- played some of the game's intro to have a save file further along in the game to test with the title screen return thing, and wrote down some minor bugs i discovered along the way (these aren't bugs with the title screen return task, they're just small bugs that snuck into the game since i've lasted tested the intro), made a small list of things to fix soon

i haven't yet satisfied myself that this task of returning to the title screen is bug-free, i still have more testing to do. i am happy that i managed to figure out a nice way to fix the drawing screen caching problem though

oh, and today i also played an interesting game called walking mars which is very similar to SD -- both games are about ecosystems, the interactions between creatures, and alien biology! it feels like SD's long-lost twin sibling game separated at birth. i played it for about an hour so far and am amazed at how similar the games are. i plan to play more of it and make a post comparing the two

for now, here's a copy and paste from a quick post that i made about it on facebook:

this game is very similar to my own game (saturated dreamers): http://www.tigerstylegames.com/wakingmars/ -- i played a bit of it today. both games have to do with: 1. exploring and learning about an alien biology / ecosystem, 2. the interactions the life forms have with one another being a central game mechanic, 3. both have a scientist as the central character, 4. both scientists are separated from their home base and have to return to it by the traversing alien world, 5. in both games you discover messages left to you by robot explorer(s) -- and these are just the major similarities. it's extremely interesting to me how similar it is to SD (and since SD has so very few people who know about it or have played the in-development version i doubt anyone on their team has ever heard of my game, so i'm not saying it stole anything.) i hope it does well, because if it does, that'll show that there is a market for this type of game.