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Nov. 17th, 2012

- expunged all the GM show_question() calls from the game, with the exception of the level editor. replaced them with other systems. for instance, before it used show_question popup box to ask if the player really wanted to delete an old save file when starting a new game in an occupied save file; now it does something different (it flashes red and asks them to click it again to confirm).*
- modified the camera a bit to have a 10 pixel lee-way around the player, which should prevent shaking
- made the camera speed speed up when the center is further away from the player, and slow down when it's nearer
- edited a set of third-party dll scripts that the game uses (related to fmod), in one case reducing a script's lines from about 600 to about 150; it had a bunch of useless comments and checks. this will marginally speed up the load time. i also like every line of code to actually be useful (referring to that lines of code count that i do monthly), it just feels better not to have hundreds of wasted lines of code that will never get executed clogging up GM's semi-compiler (which is where it converts the script to bytecode)