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Nov. 7th, 2012

power came back on around 6:20 pm today. i'll write about the power outage in more detail in an entry in the near future.

during the power outage i went through most of my 13 SD paper notebooks and notepads, throwing out what i didn't need any more and organizing what i still felt i could use. out of that i extracted a couple pages of ideas and notes for the wish list or polish list, along with ideas for the trailer and so on. i didn't get to work on the game itself during that time, but did work on it at least conceptually / organizationally.

also, this is the work i did on the day the power went out (oct 29) which i didn't get to post that day due to the outage:

- coded a new way of animating-in the textbox, based partially on teegee's game cinders (i didn't like the way the textbox previously opened up), and made the textbox borders look a little better*
- fixed a bug where ikks' teleporttrees script would not trigger (it was using "teleportrees.txt" rather than "teleporttrees.txt")


and this is the work i did today, now that i'm able to work on the game proper again:

- started work on the room effects for varied wake particle types (a set of new effects which will count as a task when complete)

and here's the monthly line count update for november:

* lines of code on nov 7th: 57865
* lines of code on oct 5th: 57019
* lines of code written in that ~one month period: 846

as for what effect this power outage will have on SD, it has basically caused a delay of 9 days of work, which is a pretty big setback for its timeline. hopefully at least some of that will be made up for by the increased enthusiasm i'll have for working on the game due to the involuntary break.