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Oct. 19th, 2012

- changed incidences of "watostridi" into "watos" in the code and game dialogue (i thought that name was too long, this was a simple task on the list but a task nonetheless)*
- made the leda's sight function influence the size and strength of the visible circle around the player in the ember fly's light flash effect*
- installed audacity (for audio editing work) and winamp (for audio playing/testing) on this pc because win7 still doesn't support ogg natively
- sped up the load speed a bit by increasing the compression of the two ogg files loaded at startup, and reducing the length of the ambient one of those two (so that instead of 3.5mb of ogg total, 1.5mb of ogg total is loaded on startup, which significantly improves the game's loading speed). this was half of a task
- did the second half of that task: testing for the load speed differences between large .wav sound files and large .ogg sound files. my goal is to determine if it's worth it to compress large (300kb+) wav files into ogg format before loading them; if it makes any difference in load speed. i loaded a 500kb .wav and its 23kb .ogg equivalent 500 times each and checked the times. although loading the ogg was faster, there was almost no difference between loading the two: 570ms vs 560ms (basically just over half a second for both of them). that small difference was real, and consistent (i ran this test several times for the same results each time) but negligible. so basically i don't need to convert the large wav files into ogg files (i would have done so if the test showed a difference). task complete*

was fun doing 3 minor tasks today. may try this again tomorrow to get the task number down.