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Oct. 1st, 2012

- fixed a bug where one of the things i mentioned doing yesterday didn't actually fix the problem (with difficulty level 3 and map names), it was saving an empty map name sometimes. now i believe it's working correctly
- i continued to try to figure out why the hippo is moving much slower than it's supposed to be. it seems that regardless of its speed, it's moving slower than other creatures (!?) even when it's set to the same speed. speed is supposed to be pixels per step, but it's going at much, much less than its speed in pixels per step. it is moving, but it's moving at like 1/100th its speed. i spent a long time investigating this and haven't been able to isolate the problem, and it's annoying. it's taking way more time than is justified. for now i'm just going to give it larger speeds, there's not much else i can do if hours of trying to figure it out accomplished nothing but me being baffled by it