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Sep. 30th, 2012

- fixed a bug where, if you are in dream mode and exited the game, it would save your x,y position and the name of the dream mode level instead of the position you entered dream mode in and the name of the map you entered dream mode in
- in difficulty level 3, i previously made it so that when you continue your game, you begin at the last room with a teleport tree that you have been to. now i made that also include rooms with local mammoths which are friended.
- added debug mode feature where turning on debug mode (for instance, to enter the level editor) overrides the 'start at last teleport tree' system for difficulty level 3
- noticed that there was a bug in the normal game mode with the hippo not moving, and worked on trying to figure out why (made some progress but it's still weird); since it moving is required to friend it, it's necessary that i fix this bug before the igf deadline. the issue seems to be that sub-1 speeds are not visibly moving the creature even though their x,y location actually is changing. i could do a simple fix and just make the speeds faster, but part of the idea of friending this creature was a test of patience, so i want to keep it slow if i can