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Sep. 4th, 2012

- added a few more colors for the dreamborder sides, and made those color transitions more gradual
- made the 'burnthetrash' tag not apply for the first 10 steps of a particle's lifetime
- improved the visuals/visibility/motion of the damage numbers, modeling them a bit on how they worked in immortal defense
- fixed another bug in the dream mode sword function, and changed its visuals slightly
- changed the number of memory cells produced by dying enemies and their motion

3 pomodoros (feel asleep and was tired today; but i won't stop my idea of 1 every 2 hours just because i couldn't manage it today)

also, as far as i can see, the following tasks which i did not previously count are now tested and should now be counted (even though they are subject to further change/balance): the timepoint system, the deathbomb system, the mercy invulnerability system, new new powerbar gui indicators, and the outro animation; that's 5 tasks to count as done there.


i also forgot to count lines of code for the beginning of september, so i'll do that now:
* lines of code sept 4: 56076
* lines of code at the beginning of august: 53061
* lines written in that period (mostly in august): 3015 (most of this new code was for all the creatures i ported to dream mode during that month)