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Aug. 24th, 2012

- continued work on the first expedition's research notes, writing 2 new "files", which involved doing some more biology/microbiology research as i wrote these
- continued work on godstatue dream powers; implemented 7 more of them
- changed the chain function a little bit
- added a console command to set all godstatue powers to a desired level
- gave the shield function a new dream mode charge ability
- added a console command to set all function upgrades to a desired level (or to remove all weapons but the starting ones)

5 pomodoros

i feel like i have a bunch of task numbers that are 80-90% done and just need testing to be officially counted as complete. i feel as if i've been holding off on finishing tasks and instead working on the initial stages of bunch of tasks but not completing them. it's sort of like a "game" -- i want to try to do a bunch of tasks all at once near the end of this month to see how many tasks i can check off before starting the next month. despite the numbers not going down very much in the last few months, a lot of progress is getting done

so starting tomorrow and until sept, (25th through the 31st) i'll be trying to finish and check off as many tasks as possible, so as to get the number as low as possible for the beginning of a new month