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Aug. 17th, 2012

- continued working on porting creatures to dream mode scripts, focusing on charybdis
- started working (in a minor way) on the dream mode godstatue powers (each godstatue power would have an effect in dream mode and exploration mode, and the exploration mode ones were done ages ago); made one of the 50 powers work in dream mode, and came up with some ideas and wrote descriptions for some of the others. those descriptions don't yet appear in-game though (i'll have to add those later to the godstatue menu); this task will take a while to complete but it's a fun task that i want to get started
- started the 'research notes' text files (which will just simply explain the biology of the creatures in the game); these will only appear in the hardest game mode, and will be primarily of interest to technically-minded folk who like biology, but will also contain some more clues to the game's story if read carefully enough. it's also just interesting to come up with world-building stuff like this (it also feels as if i'm putting my biochem education to use when writing these). i wrote about 3 pages of these files, after i write them all i'll make them findable in the game; this task will take a while and since it's fun i'll use it as a break from the other more pressing tasks

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