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Aug. 5th, 2012

- made penetration projectiles reduce in radius size by 15% with each hit
- made the wake effect also happen when the leda turns (rather than just when the leda moves)
- made the leda engine particle effect last longer when the player is dashing
- fixed a bug where the borderlights of a room were not drawn when the player was diving
- fixed another bug related to the zig engine function in dream mode (missiles were not launching if count was below 100)
- the primary bug i'm trying to figure out how to replicate occurred again; it happened when i entered dream mode in debug mode. some observations about it: 1) the GUI is messed up slightly *only* when the bug occurs (i mean, the coordinates where it's supposed to draw text and the symbol overlay are both displaced to the side; i took a screenshot for my records), 2) when i exited dream mode, i noticed that the maximum HP of creatures in exploration mode was less than their current HP (this may be unrelated and may be a completely separate bug that i just noticed at that point, but it's weird). this isn't much to go on but it gives me a few leads that may lead nowhere or to the source of the bug, i'll try following them up now
- adjusted the dash damage and made it not work if a creature is underwater
- did some more testing on the secondary bug i'm trying to figure out, and i think it's unrelated to the primary one. it's the one where if you pause and unpause the game creatures appear on the right side of the screen near the top of a dream level. i think it may have to do with deactivated creatures with strange coordinates. i'm making some changes to the code now which may prevent this from happening...
- found that bug again where the alpha repo for some reason existed in dream mode... except he was invisible. very very weird...
- also discovered that the hp of the local mammoth in dream mode is messed up -- i have an idea about why that happens though, will need to investigate this bug too

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