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Aug. 3rd, 2012

- made player start at the center of dream mode's view at the start of it rather than just at the bottom and at whatever x they used to be at
- spent a while debugging a simpler bug that i had: when you enter and re-exit dream mode, the player's x,y location isn't returned to its old location correctly some of the time. i haven't figured out what's causing it (probably some GM error with persistent object transitioning between rooms which sends their x,y from a step ago rather than from the current step) but figured out a workaround which seems to work in the test case i had. now at least if enter dream mode and exit, the player doesn't immediately move to a different screen when they return
- fixed a bug where the player could enter dream mode while having dived underwater (due to the zig engine) and be unable to emerge from the water
- made memory cells grow smaller faster in dream mode vs normal mode
- gave the zig missles a repelling effect away from one another

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