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Jul. 5th, 2012

- gave the hearts a pulsing animation
- fixed a bug that caused the hearts to 'shift' in exploration mode; i had to re-write it so that it now uses a system that identifies particular creatures with particular heart spots
- fixed a bug that caused the "gradientthing" object not to appear at all
- fixed the text spacing / locations for the new gui (when i switched from rectangle to the new sprite-rectangle-thing i hadn't fixed the text locations to correspond)
- fixed a bug that caused the symbol that appears at a low transparency over the text icon to always be light blue instead of corresponding to the function's color
- started working on a particle for use in this new gui

5 pomodoros

i had no idea this gui stuff would take so many pomodoros! i thought it'd take at most 2 of them but so far it's been 22 of them (~11 hours of work, not counting interrupted pomodoros and times when i work on the game when not "on the clock"). but the game sort of feels better to play with this stuff, more like "a game", even if it's just a psychological thing, so i'm looking forward to finishing this part up. after this i'll do a few more small tasks to reach below 200 tasks, and then continue on dream mode test levels / dream mode creature conversions.