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Jun. 23rd, 2012

- continued working on prototype level 4; got to the boss of it and changed its movement pattern a bit, and have some more ideas for future changes
- made some more small changes to harpy, larva, etc. for balance
- fixed a bug which caused firefly to explode at the bottom of the screen rather than disappear, and increased its damage for the explosion to 2x of its max life rather than 1x (may increase it more later)
- revised the master task list (that bright light blue number that you see occasionally) and made that task list clearer, removing redundant entries, merging a few; i kept the current number the same but moved more of them into the 'misc adjustments for playtesting phase' section to make it more open/flexible. reading through this list of 200-odd tasks i'm more convinced i can do them all in relatively short order. 200 is a whole lot less overwhelming than the 840 it was when i started with them.

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