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Jun. 22nd, 2012

- gave the 'dontdoubleme' tag to the faded versions of the godfaces (forgot about those; weird that i didn't notice it till now)
- adjusted the gui positions of the textbox and portrait in dream mode to better fit in the visible range
- made score, powerbar, and progressbar not appear during textboxes in dream mode
- made the powerbar colors change a little faster when it's at max
- changed how the repel radius for larva in dream mode works a bit
- edited the level some more; i feel it's almost done, except for the boss, which is as of yet untested
- more or less finished the harpy port to dream mode, so i'll count that as a task now*
- changed some of the stats/behavior of various creatures a bit more (e.g. the firefly death explosion range was reduced a bit)
- reduced the 'extra life' score factors a little


3 pomodoros (i know these are a low number of pomodoros, but i'm easily interrupted and it's very hot this week (like 93 degrees today); i've done 12+ in a day before, when i was working on the music notation work)