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Jun. 21st, 2012

- figured out what was causing and fixed the lag at the start of prototype dream mode level 4 (it was the water current objects at the top of the level which caused it)
- continued porting harpy to dream mode
- made some more changes to other creatures in that level, especially to larva
- edited the level a bit
- made some changes to the dream mode ship functions for net, bait, and zig engine
- added a (as of yet unused/untested) feature to dream mode scrolling where if the scroll speed is set to 0 the player has to manually control the speed by moving to different positions (may give level variety)
- removed the un-useful rectangular boxes drawn around objects in edit mode in dream mode
- added global.scrollspeed to the speeds of upwards-traveling player projectiles (otherwise at very fast scrollspeeds projectiles seem to go slower than the player)

4 uninterrupted pomodoros

still have some type of fever and it was still very hot today, although not as hot as yesterday