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Jun. 19th, 2012

- created dream mode test level 4 (these are not actually test levels since they will be used in the real game, but i'm calling them that because i'm creating them before dream mode is fully finished/balanced and will need to go back to them later to re-balance them after dream mode's fully completed; so they're sort of like prototype levels more than test levels. i'll start calling them that)
- setup level layout (except for creatures) for prototype level 4
- tried out making the player move up along with the scroll speed (this seems to work better, particular in levels where the scroll speed approaches the player's max speed)
- figured out a delay bug was due to the player moving downwards as the map was scrolling up... made a fix which may prevent it, but would like a more comprehensive fix too, later on
- started porting harpy to dream mode
- made invisible wall objects visible in dream mode (for non-"dream" objects so far; i want to do it with dream objects too eventually)

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