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August 10th, 2012

Aug. 10th, 2012

- today was mostly busywork: i decided to create all the remaining dreammove_ and dream_ scripts for the remaining creatures that i need to port to dream mode at once, so there was a couple of hours of copying and pasting and rename and 'create new script' and similar. nothing in the game actually changed because of this work, but it was necessary to more quickly port the remaining creatures to dream mode.
- added many of those creatures to the new dream mode test level
- i've been working with a new artist for SD, jwk5 (met him on tigsource forums). he'll do some background images that will be displayed during textboxes, as well as any other miscellaneous art he wants to do for the game (such as sketches and maps and promotional art); i haven't been mentioning this as SD 'work' but it sort of is; we've been having discussions about the game and doing stuff like setting up a shared dropbox and so on. today i also took screenshots of a few things that he requested i take them of (such as textbox backgrounds and his catob image in-game)

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