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August 4th, 2012

Aug. 4th, 2012

- adjusted the mutual push-away strength of the zig missiles and made their maximum radius depend on their upgrade level, and balanced them more in various other ways
- while trying to fix a bug with the zig dash triggering i observed something interesting about it: the bug occurs only after the player has lost one life. this may be a clue to why it happens
- discovered an interesting "bug" which i want to keep: i didn't realize this, but the player can actually change their ship function when the game is paused! this should be useful (a bit like changing your weapon on the menu screen in zelda)
- figured out that the 'cooldown' variable is what the issue is -- for some reason after the player dies, cooldown was being set to 200. i fixed that so that now count is set to 0 instead (which is probably what i meant to do anyway). so that fixes that zig engine bug. wish it were this easy to fix the other bugs that are hounding me

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