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August 1st, 2012

Aug. 1st, 2012

- added a set of global cycling colors and used one of them for a circle border around projectiles of the solaros
- tested some more for that destroy all creatures bug but couldn't get it to repeat itself. however, i found a passage of code which i slightly suspect is causing the bug. i can't yet think of a way to verify this, but i changed that part of the code to give me a message (in debug mode) about when it's happening, which will help me figure out of it was causing it or not
- found a second similar passage of code in a different place which may also be causing the bug. added debug code to notify me when that occurs to that one as well.
- also looked through the main_activation code to see why the mammoth at the top was constantly getting activated, but found nothing to indicate that that would happen. i'll try adding more info to the debug code to the drawn line that connects active creatures and the player

1 pomodoro

i feel like these bugs make the game less appealing to work on. i'll be much happier once dream mode is bug-free. i need to figure these out

total lines of code as of aug 1, 2012: 53061
lines of code last month: 52102
lines written in july: about 950

this month's of work has kind of depressed me. i did a fair amount of work, but most of it was on things not related to tasks: i haven't had a new task done since june 13th -- all the work since then has been mainly on improving the ship's dream mode functions. the bugs are sort of slowing down the game's progress. i think i need more organization. i'll make a plan for august now.