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Jun. 3rd, 2012

- kelly finally sent me the jewel torso sprite; so today i formatted and imported into the game that new sprite and two other ones that she did awhile ago and i never imported
- i focused mainly today on getting the system to draw jewel's torso working -- made some progress with it but didn't test it yet. we want it so that it shows up behind jewel's head, and isn't visible unless jewel is moving, and lags in location one second or so behind jewel; i'd need to tweak those numbers and make it turn a bit towards jewel's head's direction to make it feel more natural.

i'm excited about most of the creature sprites nearly being done now though. of the 50-60 creatures, the only ones that do not now have finished sprites are hippocampus, venti, solaros, ryu, and giant ember fly (right now those use scaled larger versions of smaller creature sprites from the same family, which is a good enough substitute). so that's more than 90% of them finished. there are are also a couple of sprite "parts" that need to be finished: the tongues for fin fish and pegasus. and the non-pillar part of aphrodite.