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May. 28th, 2012

- fixed the bug that caused the mammoth warning screen not to disappear in dream mode
- made creature projectiles shot by a creature destroyed when that creature is destroyed (and turn into memory cells); this may solve a mysterious bug of the player dying spontaneously; what i suspect was actually happening is that when a creature is destroyed, sometimes the projectiles it shot turned invisible, but were still there, and still capable of killing the player. now this change should avoid that problem hopefully
- made one of fleur's projectile types last longer (was disappearing too quickly)
- fixed a bug where you could enter camp mode in dream mode with the enter key
- fixed a bug where projectiles would not remain paused and would suddenly get re-activated and keep moving even when the game was paused in dream mode
- eva (testing the game / making mini-trailers) noticed a bug where sometimes esc won't pause the game / let you quit. this is fixed by exiting an area and entering a new area. not sure what's causing it since i haven't experienced that bug in like 2 years. i told her to keep and eye out for that bug, and i will too

all in all i fixed about half of the bugs i cataloged yesterday; tomorrow i'll fix the other half!