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May. 2nd, 2012

- wrote a very large summary of the story for the other team members, because they've expressed the view that they don't really know where the story is at right now
- talked to wynand and harlock a bit about doing some things for sd (nice that they are taking interest again)
- fixed a bug which caused effect surfaces not to be created sometimes, and not initialize properly -- i still have no idea what was causing that bug, it *shouldn't* exist, but it does. i managed to fix it by doing it an alternative way but i've no idea why the old way doesn't work, when it used to work.
- worked a little bit more on the music input (but not very much, since i was doing those other things in preparation of a dev team-only build that eva and wynand requested)
- noticed a few more bugs that i need to fix before sending them a build, and started working on fixing those (some i know how to fix because they're related to the preload image thing)