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May. 1st, 2012

- today i finished inputting theo's song, writing in the remaining 46 of its 58 measures
- today i *almost* finished inputting neo theo's song, writing in 14 more of its measures (5 measures remain to be inputted, i'll do them right now, but it's midnight so i have to write this report. i was hoping to do both of those by midnight, but whatever, a few minutes late on it is still okay)

so tonight i'm going to continue working on inputting these past midnight, and see how late i can stay up doing them, and definitely finish inputting neo theo. then tomorrow, i'll run in the morning (exercise), then work on the 3 remaining songs that will remain at that point, and hopefully finish one of them (they are all rather long, with 80+ measures remaining for each, so i may just do a little of each of them for a while). tomorrow i should reach the halfway point in inputting these songs, anyway (in measure count)

edit: finished the neotheo song at 12:43 am

at current tempos:
*neotheo song is 3:43 minutes
*theo song is 2:22 (it's also the fastest tempo)
*mercedes song (finished yesterday) is 3:10
can't wait to see the times for the remaining three songs, probably much longer than the above three