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Apr. 25th, 2012

- discovered the source of the bug mentioned yesterday!! and fixed it, twice (fixed it in two ways to be doubly-sure). was a typo, and i also learned that the dreammove_ and dream_ creature scripts were running when a creature wasn't yet onscreen sometimes (i thought creatures were always deactivated above that? but i guess not), so i fixed that as well
- fixed a bug where the variable 'y0' was being written over by a certain script (which was hardly ever if ever run, but might as well preemptively fix it in case i ever do use that script and it causes problems)
- made clouds a little lighter in dream mode (they were a bit too dark)
- tried to promote SD a little bit on facebook/twitter; got one new facebook follower so far. i've really been doing badly in terms of marketing/promotion for this game, i need to do more work there soon (eva is helping me with that)