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Apr. 22nd, 2012

- moved dream shield function's secondary effect to a charge effect instead
- made the sword in dream mode (the only function that works the same in dream mode and normal mode, up till now) reflect projectiles of creatures differently in dream mode -- now it just reverses their direction rather than taking into account angular direction
- made deflected creature projectiles work similarly in dream mode to player projectiles
- made the 'adder' variable (which determines player projectile size and damage in dream mode) a little more complex; now it depends on the total ship upgrades / 10 and the current weapon type upgrades / 3, as well as the previous value of the current "count"/300. this means that even if you upgrade a ship function that's not the one you are using, it'll make the one you are using slightly more powerful (but not as much as upgrading the one you are using); it'll give some incentive to upgrade ship functions the player doesn't use very often in either dream or normal mode
- gave deflected projectiles a damage value dependent on similar (but not the same) factors