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Apr. 12th, 2012

- the bug with fiorflies being on the bottom of the screen doesn't seem to be fixed yet; i entirely removed its movement script and it still happens, so it must be something else causing it. spent time investigating the cause; haven't found it yet but i must find it soon and know what not causing it. i did notice that it *only* happens when the screen is scrolling up, when the screen is at the end of the level and not scrolling they act normally, so that must be related to the bug somehow
- removed the particles that appear when a projectile hits a creature in dream mode (kept it for normal mode) because of a too many particles onscreen issue
- changed the map name duration/stretchfactor a bit, changed its screen location in dream mode, and made the function that draws it more flexible / easily altered
- fixed a bug that caused anemoi to get the player stuck in dream mode
- fixed a bug in the truesight function which caused it to shoot in the wrong direction again

this second dream mode test level is almost done in the sense of bug-free but it doesn't feel fun to me yet, i'll see what i can do about that