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Apr. 5th, 2012

- added an option in video options to turn water textures off (they aren't resource-intensive, but they do add a lot of loading time, and i wanted the option there to make the game load faster when i just want to play it to test something; it can take 2-3 sec to load them, which adds up when starting the game dozens of times a day)*

next i also want to add an option to 'load images on use', so that it'll load the image for them when that image is needed in an area rather than on startup. this should also reduce load times by spreading it out; i have an idea for how this could be coded pretty sensibly, so i'll try it out with a single object type and expand it to the others if it works. i started doing some pre-work on this (preparing some scripts, etc.) during the last few minutes of the day, and will finish it up and test this idea tomorrow