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Mar. 30th, 2012

- wrote the five remaining theo / dream mode dialogue scripts i needed; one level script i had missed (finishing up a total of 32 dream levels), three more "boss" levels (for a total of 10 levels there), and the first one / the intro. i have a better sense now of the total story structure of the game

i believe 100% of the game's dialogue is now written (although it'll still need to be gone over and edited later on by wynand and/or myself, and with input from playtesters). 679 files. exactly 400kb of total text in plain text format (which comes out to about 200 pages of dialogue, about as much text as a short novel). some if it wynand wrote, but a good portion (probably 80%) i wrote. almost all of it is optional, since the story is told non-linearly i had to write it in a way that it'd make sense to read the story in pretty much any order. that was probably the biggest challenge in writing it

an interesting thing about the game's dialogue is that wynand and i "reversed" positions. in the first game, i wrote the beginning of the story, and the outline to the story, and he came in later, re-imagined the story, wrote the majority of the remaining story, but kept some of what i wrote for the start of the game. this time, *he* wrote the beginning of the story and the outline, and then i wrote the majority of the remaining story, based partly on his outline but partly on my re-imagining of it. since he's the better writer, i hope this still works out. i still want to get him to edit the final product, too (note: i forgot, i should be using she/her above rather than he/him since she's female now, it's a hard habit to break, but i'll try; and certainly i mean no offense if you read this wynand, if you even still read livejournal)

anyway, tomorrow i return to programming and level design rather than dialogue-writing