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- added a 'hi score' variable to dream mode (since i want it to seem videogamy) and displayed it after score in the gui
- saved hi score to file and loaded it from file (replacing a non-used variable in the level data), but it doesn't seem to save correctly yet when i change areas... will count this as a task when i fix it
- also made the memory cell number and the value required for the next ship upgrade both get displayed in dream mode's gui
- optimized the script which displays all of the above using "string" checks, instead of re-using string() each step, string() is only performed when the values actually change (i wonder why i didn't do that in immortal defense, it'd have made some parts of the game perform much faster! i probably just didn't think of how to do it or realize i could do it so easily)
- tested dream mode some more in general, and found lots of things i need to fix/improve in it (mostly a lot of small things)
- one of which was this: reduced the frequency of callsounds for creatures which fire a lot of projectiles from 1 per projectile to 1 per projectile with a cooldown period (which reduces the # of concurrent sounds played at once)
- increased the damage and radius for the 'chain function' equivalent in dream mode
- changed the interval timing and the radius of the 'truesight function' equivalent in dream mode
- made the 'sound function' equivalent in dream mode increase in size only when left/right location is changed, not when any movement at all occurs. 
- made the radius of the projectiles of the 'sound function' equivalent in dream mode not increase to as high a degree