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Feb. 23rd, 2012

- converted another creature type to dream mode (siren) -- i never counted converting seenu as a task since its completion status was kind of vague, so i'll count both of them now, so: **
- placed sirens throughout the stage, tested the new changes to the ship functions in dream mode a bit more, and changed some stuff, but still have more testing to do
- fixed a bug with scoring
- removed the 'following' system because it wasn't working right; i may re-introduce it later after i re-write it
- culled the outside of the stage using the cull function i wrote before
- noticed some slowdown while playing dream mode; not sure what's causing it yet, but i have suspicions; i can probably wait on optimizing performance for dream mode a bit though

i think dream mode will take longer than i thought it would to code, this may take a while. i keep thinking of things that i want to add to it but were not on the task list / not scheduled. but nonetheless i'm still happy with this month's progress, it's a good start, it'll be a lot easier from here on in because the infrastructure is coded now, the rest is details (just a lot of details)