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Feb. 12th, 2012

- did some more infrastructure for the different leda ship function changes in dream mode: giving 'type 101' obj_proj a further subcategory by type (of currently equipped leda function when they were fired) and color (which is merged with the normal random color effect), and creating functions for each case which vary on the old default one which was used for every case (although not yet coding the majority of the effects / special characteristics i want each to have); but the result is that now the different ship projectiles of the different ship functions vary by speed, direction, color, radius, starting position, frequency, damage, and various other attributes
- fixed a bug in the shield function in dream mode which caused it to slow all bullets for the initial 1/2 slow, not just the ones close enough to be slowed, and to produce too many particles in the wrong places

this part of working on the game is pretty fun, it's like i'm designing different tower types / Points back in immortal defense again