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Feb. 8th, 2012

- moved / duplicated the creation event into the step event. tested it. works mostly fine for map objects but creature objects still don't appear (?). with map objects, their image_blend is right even though their draw_color is wrong
- discovered a bug with draw color / image blend for map objects, and fixed that
- made the hazy effect a little brighter, because it wasn't very visible, and refined the distance formula for it a little
- figured out what the problem is with some objects not having the correct blending mode in dream mode, and fixed it -- it has to do with the way the depth of objects is calculated and certain 'depth point' objects which set blend modes
- did some more changes to the code in hopes of getting creatures working correctly, and investigated everything involved to see if i could figure out the cause of the bug
- figured out why the net wasn't working before: the autogun was destroying it. fixed that bug so that it doesn't happen in dream mode
- fixed a bug that caused negative values of count to appear out of bounds of the dream mode count meter

i hate spending spans of several days fixing bugs, but they aren't things you can plan for... especially when they make proceeding on the schedule's task list impossible without fixing them first