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Feb. 6th, 2012

- locked x view in edit mode but not y view again (it was harder to edit levels without it being locked, even if it jitters... i could fix the jitter later but nobody will see it since it's just the level editor for me anyway)
- created a general purpose projectile function for creatures to make their dream mode edits easier
- gave unicorn a projectile pattern in dream mode
- made certain levels of 'score' (dependent on difficulty level) give extra lives to the player in dream mode (like in old arcade games like pacman)*
- created a notch indicating the minimal 'count'/'power' level that the gun will auto-fire at, on the gui bar at the bottom
- changed the colors / border / appearance of that bar slightly for experimentation purposes
- balanced the rate of count's increment per step by difficulty level (charges up slower on higher difficulties)
- changed the maximum value of count's scaling by upgrade level (it used to go from 180-510 depending on the upgrade level of the equipped function in steps of 30, now it's 97.5-510 in steps of 37.5)
- made a second notch indicating that equipped function's current maximum (all this 'count' bar stuff on the bottom now counts as a task)*
- created the infrastructure necessary for a near-future set of tasks (making the auto-firing pattern depend on the equipped weapon rather than using the default for all of them)
- in dream mode a dot is now drawn on the player's center indicating his 'collision' part, similar to danmaku games

still behind schedule but i re-scheduled up a few tasks and i'm still confident i can complete the month's work in the set month