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Feb. 5th, 2012

- attempted to increase 'follow the player' view speed in edit mode (was tired of waiting for the camera to catch up with me when editing in dream mode)
- re-added the hazy visual effect for dream mode (which i had first coded for the game in 2008 and removed because it didn't seem to fit the exploration) and removed the 'double' visual effect
- noticed a few more bugs in the 'following' algorithm -- creatures can follow other creatures from too far, and they can still form a circular chain of 3 or 4 if there's another creature somewhere, so i'll need to revise that yet again or figure something better out
- made unicorn (seenu) not react to the 'washurt' variable in dream mode
- increased cloud speed in dream mode and made cloud opacity 5x that in normal mode (i had thought i had did this before but it wasn't working)

behind schedule now, unfortunately. i look forward to remedying that tomorrow!