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Feb. 2nd, 2012

- made creature life meters only show life when life is less than 3/4 of health, and made creature friend meters only show up when friending is above 5% (may change this back later but i feel that it's best to cut out unnecessary info about small fluctuations)
- added some debug drawing stuff for the following/followedby stuff (arrows between them which show up in debug mode)
- started testing out the "gun" for dream mode, and fixed a bug in the drawing of it (which i'm not sure how it got there), but i'm unsure yet how i plan to do this. i'll need to try out a few different methods before i decide
- came across a serious bug with surface_sphere being drawn on title, on startup (on the wrong surface) and then *not* being drawn in the game. spent time investigating it. wasn't able to figure out what was causing it (although i'm pretty sure it has to do with the weird circle being drawn when the game is loading instead of being drawn on a surface...) but i was able to figure out how to fix it (simply re-init it when the player enters the game room)
- made projectiles destroy themselves when they're out of the view in dream mode (otherwise they slowed the game too much)
- made strength/size of those depend on total upgrade levels of all the ship's functions
- fixed the level progress bar in dream mode (it was moving backwards), and gave it more coloring
- made the bottom random bar that moves up and down measure the 'count' value of the player (for testing purposes; maybe i'll keep it this way)
- got something with the gun working that i like, and have a better idea of what i want here, but there's a bug and a half in it that i need to fix
- fixed a bug where, when the player got to the end of the dream mode level, they're warped back in the wrong location (they should now re-emerge by the face they entered in, not in a random spot)

this day i'm not ahead of schedule anymore, but mainly because of a bug i found that i spent too much time fixing. will amend that tomorrow and get ahead of schedule again